Breaking Bad, Deluxe Edition: The Final Season

Breaking Bad, Deluxe Edition: The Final Season

Breaking Bad

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-08-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 33
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
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All bad things must come to an end.


Title Time Price
1 Blood Money 47:21 USD 1.99
2 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 601, "Blood 04:05 Season Only
3 Buried 47:22 USD 1.99
4 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 602, "Burie 04:55 Season Only
5 Confessions 47:21 USD 1.99
6 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 603, "Confe 03:25 Season Only
7 Rabid Dog 47:13 USD 1.99
8 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 604, "Rabid 03:19 Season Only
9 To'hajiilee 46:12 USD 1.99
10 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 605, "To'ha 03:17 Season Only
11 Ozymandias 47:11 USD 1.99
12 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 606, "Ozyma 04:07 Season Only
13 Granite State 53:23 USD 1.99
14 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 607, "Grani 04:23 Season Only
15 Felina 55:12 USD 1.99
16 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 608, "Felin 05:47 Season Only
17 The Transformation of Walt to Heisenberg 02:30 Free
18 Final Season Sneak Peek 02:10 Season Only
19 The Writers' Room: Breaking Bad 05:02 Season Only
20 Scene Envy 05:14 Season Only
21 Commentary on Blood Money 47:21 Season Only
22 Commentary On "Ozymandias" 47:12 Season Only
23 Commentary On "Granite State" 53:25 Season Only
24 Commentary On "Felina" 55:13 Season Only
25 Life of a Show Runner 09:36 Season Only
26 The Final Showdown 10:01 Season Only
27 Gag Reel 06:08 Season Only
28 Walt’s Confession 06:13 Season Only
29 Jesse Pinkman Evidence Tape 04:50 Season Only
30 This Better Be Good 00:28 Season Only
31 She’s An Earner 00:31 Season Only
32 Time to Talk 01:17 Season Only
33 Goodbye 01:13 Season Only


  • Best show ever

    By Owen Watters
    This show is so well written, intriguing, and thrilling. watching walter become an evil cold hearted killer is amazing. bryan cranston did an amazing job along with aaron paul. great show, strongly recommend. once you start you become hooked.
  • Missing episodes

    By Andy music lover
    I bought the final season recently, but couldn’t find episodes #2, 4, 6, 8, 10, what’s wrong there?
  • S

    By Doc M21
    ZZY’all ssAws

    By mfstarboy
    The best written and acted show ever on tv. Bryan Cranston made a huge character transformation from the beginning of the show to the end and it was honest and believable. And Aaron Paul was amazing as Jesse. His use of the word b**** was hilarious and became his catchphrase.
  • Best. Series. Ever.

    By strup0
    I have never seen such a clever, suspensful, dramatic, funny, exciting TV show in my entire life. This is the point where TV can not get any better. It's perfect.
  • Absolutely awesome

    By BreakingBad!!!
    What else is there to say?! Make sure to watch the behind the scenes clips!

    By Leloom
    A masterpiece.
  • "Breaking Bad"

    "I Won"- Walter White Unforgettable!!! Vince Gilligan, thank you for this unbelievable masterpiece!!! R.I.P HEISENBERG!!! :)

    By maryam_z
    it was really awesome TV show that i ever seen
  • Definitely worth a watch

    By FunkyGunkKerPlunk
    This is an amazing show. It is very well done and the story is just amazing. Breaking bad always leaves you wanting more, and it's never boring. Very unique and captivating - definitely worth a watch. Good job breaking bad!!