Breaking Bad, Deluxe Edition: Season 5

Breaking Bad, Deluxe Edition: Season 5

Breaking Bad

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 40
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
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Catch up on Season 5 with the ultimate Deluxe Edition of the Emmy® Award-winning series, Breaking Bad. Featuring over 8 hours of added value content, including interviews with the cast and creators, commentaries, blooper reel and much more!


Title Time Price
1 Season 5, Episode 1: Live Free or Die 42:55 USD 1.99
2 Season 5, Episode 2: Madrigal 47:10 USD 1.99
3 Season 5, Episode 3: Hazard Pay 47:14 USD 1.99
4 Season 5, Episode 4: Fifty-One 47:19 USD 1.99
5 Season 5, Episode 5: Dead Freight 48:00 USD 1.99
6 Season 5, Episode 6: Buyout 47:23 USD 1.99
7 Season 5, Episode 7: Say My Name 47:15 USD 1.99
8 Season 5, Episode 8: Gliding Over All 47:18 USD 1.99
9 (Ep. 501) Commentary On Live Free or Die 42:55 Season Only
10 (Ep. 502) Commentary On Madrigal with Vi 47:10 Season Only
11 (Ep. 503) Commentary On Hazard Pay With 47:09 Season Only
12 (Ep. 504) Commentary On Fifty-One With A 47:19 Season Only
13 (Ep. 505) Commentary On Dead Freight Wit 48:00 Season Only
14 (Ep. 506) Commentary On Buyout With Brya 47:21 Season Only
15 (Ep. 507) Commentary On Say My Name With 47:14 Season Only
16 (Ep. 508) Commentary On Gliding Over All 47:18 Season Only
17 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 501 "Live F 05:18 Season Only
18 Making of the Season 5 Premiere - Inside 05:12 Season Only
19 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 502 "Madrig 05:17 Season Only
20 Making of Episode 502: Madrigal - Inside 04:21 Season Only
21 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 503 "Hazard 05:10 Season Only
22 Making of Episode 503: Hazard Pay - Insi 03:41 Season Only
23 Inside Breaking Bad: Where Season 4 Left 04:03 Season Only
24 Inside Breaking Bad Season 5: The Cast L 03:36 Season Only
25 Inside Breaking Bad On the Season 5 Set 01:28 Season Only
26 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 504 "Fifty- 05:26 Season Only
27 Making of Episode 504: Fifty-One Inside 04:28 Season Only
28 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 505 "Dead F 04:39 Season Only
29 Making of Episode 505: Dead Freight - In 04:24 Season Only
30 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 506 "Buyout 05:42 Season Only
31 Making of Episode 506: Buyout - Inside B 04:29 Season Only
32 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 507 "Say My 04:43 Season Only
33 Making of Episode 507: Say My Name - Ins 05:07 Season Only
34 Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 508 "Glidin 06:09 Season Only
35 Making of Episode 508: Gliding Over All 05:54 Season Only
36 Nothing Stops This Train 15:40 Season Only
37 Writers' Room Timelapse 08:39 Season Only
38 Gallery 1988 Art Show 03:31 Season Only
39 The Cleaner: Jonathan Banks As Mike 08:11 Season Only
40 Gag Reel 03:18 Season Only


  • Think the reviews have it right

    By blklinger45
    Great show. Disgusting greed-monsters Sony Pictures, AMC, and Vince Gilligan.
  • Rip off ... !!!

    By Arnie182
    I love BB, but when I purchase "Season 5" I expect to get no less than all of Season 5 ... not just half ... What is this? -Seriously?
  • This world is only about making money that's it that's all

    By DjMarkNdAsia94
    So I prefer that u want to the whole season come out then buy it if u don't want to get ripped off because the people don't care about us all they care about is making money from the Poor people. And y'all know it's very truthful to
  • Complete BS.

    By jainmehul
    I had purchased the season pass to S05 and still to purchase this deluxe edition i will have to pay for the same episodes again... I never expected the folks at AMC to pull off such cheap tricks to earn money and iTunes to allow such BS in their store!
  • Missing season 5 episodes

    By Breaking Madd
    I want to first say that Breaking Bad is a fantastic series and brilliantly written to the point you will lose sleep staying up hour after hour watching it. I rate it 1 star on Apple's behalf by neglecting up provide missing episodes and leaving large gaps in the story as well as behind the scenes. Ourselves as well as many other good folks paid for a full season and we should be able to get a full season.
  • Breaking bad is awesome, I want some one to gift the first season to me

    By Zombi Sucker
  • Dude!

    By Zeejoker72
    This scam is pushing your loyal customers straight into pirated material distributors arms! The person behind this silly sales strategy should be sacked and the customers given an redemption bonus!
  • I can finally give Breaking Bad the rating it deserves

    By Dajefe70
    Apple has issued credits to everyone who initially bought Season 5 with the reasonable expectation of getting the full final season. I can now enjoy Season 5 and give it the rating it deserves. 5 starts for an amazing season!!!
  • Class Action Suit

    By 1960monkey
    How about a class action suit for deceptive advertising?
  • Very disappointed!!!!

    By MAGPUL72
    I pay for season 5 for all the shows. Now they're monopolizing us by getting an additional episodes which they call the season pass! Simply ridiculous!!