iPick My Faves

iPick My Faves


  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 4.99
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Get ready for mad laughs with this set of iCarly episodes picked exclusively by the fans! The crew travels to Japan, Freddie saves Carly’s life, Sam kisses Freddie, the boy band, One Direction hits the set, and so much more!


Title Time Price
1 iGo One Direction 23:43 USD 0.99
2 iPsycho 46:51 USD 3.99
3 iStill Psycho 46:16 USD 3.99
4 iGo to Japan 1:12:19 USD 5.99
5 iSaved Your Life 23:43 USD 0.99
6 iOMG 23:43 USD 0.99
7 iBelieve in Bigfoot 23:44 USD 0.99
8 iGet Pranky 23:43 USD 0.99
9 iQuit iCarly 47:23 USD 3.99
10 iSam's Mom 23:45 USD 0.99


  • Icarly

    By oreo buttercup
    I love all of your videos and I love you guys to but the carecter I Love the most is Carly
  • iCarly Review

    By Caroline10🐰
    I LOVE iCarly....I love the favorites even more
  • Did not like

    By Dream of Jeanie
    Did not like it :(

    By NicoPercyThaliaRok
    "Does it involve the buttah sock?" ~ Niall Horan, the unappreciated beauty
  • IGo One Direction is the best

    By katy perry cat
    Its the only one I bought:)And now I watch it everyday and Im not allowed to watch it anymore
  • :)

    By morgan.price.2015
    I never knew how AMAZING the 1D guys were at acting!! Their accents are adorable, they're hilarious and hot, and Harry was perfect lol!! Best parts: "hahah! handguhns!!" "can somebody hold me?" "noo." "did she say buttah sock?" "is that a sock?" "full of buttah?" "can you put some warm socks on my feet?" Hahaha my favorite parts
  • go icarly!!

    By volleyball16259
    this show is amazing! all of the charchters are hilarious. these episodes we definitley good picks! They have everything a comedy tv show needs!! I love this show!! keep making more great episodes!!! :)