Absolutely Fabulous, 20th Anniversary Specials

Absolutely Fabulous, 20th Anniversary Specials

Absolutely Fabulous

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2012-01-08
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 7.99
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Twenty years ago the world was introduced to Edina, Patsy and Saffron. It has never been quite the same. Into every new fad and fashion imaginable, Eddy and best friend Patsy were often found to be at the bottom of a champagne glass, or more likely, bottle – and not much has changed. Long-suffering Saffy was a hard worker, all but ignored by her mother and hated by Patsy. Now, reprising their award-winning performances 20 years later, the ladies are a tiny bit older, none the wiser, but definitely still Absolutely Fabulous.


Title Time Price
1 Identity 29:37 USD 1.99
2 Job 29:07 USD 1.99
3 Olympics 29:26 USD 1.99


  • Sweetie Darling...

    So good! Cannot wait for the MOVIE!!!
  • Olympics!

    By wizeguyz
    Olympics: they finally have the 3rd show online. Yeah! I am going to watch it right now.
  • Error Downloading...no sound after minute 3....do not purchase

    By FauxPod
    Issue with video. Received error during playback that file did not download correctly. sound cuts and screen pixelates @ minute 3. no errors in file or during download. am requesting a refund. we'll see how that goes...i will update

    By Kenjay212
    I would expect a refund as only 2 episodes have been posted. So much for a season pass. EXPLAIN ITUNES!
  • Last Episode comes out in July

    By Ipod player91
    The 3rd special episode is due out in July - originally scheduled that way to coincide with the 2012 Olympics in London. So good to have the girls back! One of my fave shows ever. Now just need the series to release on blu-ray so it will be HD.
  • Where is episode 3?

    By SeanKlassidy
    I am only giving this a 1 rating because they still have not delivered the third episode.
  • episode 3 ??

    By DianeVU
    when is episode 3 coming out ??
  • That's all you've got?

    By AKfisher1
    Two episodes, that's it? Come on we need some more Eddy and Patsy!! Please!!!!!!
  • You are rating the show...

    By Tampa_JT
    For all those giving only 1-2 stars because iTunes hasn't updated the new shows yet, please remember you are rating the SHOW, not the service! If you like the show, give it some stars! Email Apple about the service. Not realizing what you are rating skews the ratings; please realize what you are doing.
  • When do we get the rest?

    By ikarusinflight
    Um, yeah, so the first two episodes are a lot of fun.. but when do we get the rest of them???