Californication, Season 4

Californication, Season 4


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2011-01-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 14
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
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He couldn’t be more screwed. Golden Globe-winner David Duchovny is back in the smart, wild and sexy SHOWTIME hit comedy series CALIFORNICATION – and it’s going to be the most scandalicious season yet. A one-night misunderstanding has landed Hank Moody in serious hot water, but his troubles don’t end there. It seems like it’s the entire State of California vs. Hank Moody, and he’s not going to get off easy.


Title Time Price
1 Exile On Main St. 28:53 USD 1.99
2 Suicide Solution 28:31 USD 1.99
3 Home Sweet Home 28:20 USD 1.99
4 Monkey Business 28:07 USD 1.99
5 Freeze-Frame 28:20 USD 1.99
6 Lawyers, Guns and Money 28:02 USD 1.99
7 The Recused 28:18 USD 1.99
8 Lights. Camera. Asshole 28:14 USD 1.99
9 Another Perfect Day 28:03 USD 1.99
10 The Trial 28:13 USD 1.99
11 The Last Supper 28:02 USD 1.99
12 ...And Justice for All 27:55 USD 1.99
13 Sho Original 01:55 Free
14 David Duchovny Directing 01:45 Free


  • Excellent

    By British Bulldog
    This is the best show on tv right now. I love the lack of the usual American political correctness. The writers are truly gifted as the dialog is so clever. My only frustration is how the show seems to be held to random by ShowTime. Season 5 aired in the US in Oct 2011 and yet it's still not available to buy anywhere (legally) a year later. I understand this is to encourage people to sign up to Showtime but what about people who are not in the US? I'm sure most people have gone down the illegal routes to watch these shoes so I'm sure the shows's makers are losing money!
  • A+++++++

    By WiseRadio
  • Writer's dream?

    By ShallowGraves
    This is a spunky series with some funny, gross, and cringe worthy moments. There just comes a point, where you have to suspend all disbelief to think that Hank Moody gets laid by that many super hot women.. It doesn't add up. I've heard women even complain about it...
  • Season 5????

    By Mrsmcneil
    When will season 5 be available on iTunes???
  • One trick pony

    By bluedoggie48
    The show is a one trick pony, and as such, predictable and seemingly endless. The only resolution possible onvolves Hank and cannot have anytihg to do with karen, for has proven not worth returning to. The only character worth saving is Hank, and he is written as unable to ya have it. Yawns interupted by occasional T&A.
  • Best show on Showtime

    By daniej02
    Downloaded Season Four. Not just best on Showtime but best on TV! Duchovny is phenomenal. Just heard Showtime picked it up for a sixth season. Can't get enough!!
  • Puerile trash

    By cboy3
    Having seen a few episodes of the latest (2012) season, I think it must keep getting renewed by Showtime because it makes Weeds look like Downton Abbey.
  • season 5?

    By telluridebritt
    Itunes, is season 5 gonna come before you can watch it everywhere else? how come it's on tv at episode 3 and you haven't even put it on yet?
  • Like a bad drug

    By rainbowjoolz
    It keeps me coming back for more. I hate to love & love to hate Hank. From a girl who lived & worked in Hollyweird-Californication really nails it. Shallow & soulless -watching this show reminds me why I left the business (yet still live vicariously through this series.)
  • The Best

    By popmusikdaddy69
    Each season get more and more outrageous!!! One of the season's best.