Californication, Season 3

Californication, Season 3


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2009-09-27
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
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This season on Californication, Hank Moody’s (David Duchovny) life, like the economy, is officially turned upside down. The lack of writing assignments forces him to get a “real” job as a college professor while trying to keep wild child Becca (Madeleine Martin) on the straight and narrow with Karen (Natascha McElhone) still working in New York. Can he learn to keep “regular” hours and inspire the next generation of scribes? First, he’ll have to stay on the right side of the dean of students (Peter Gallagher), the dean’s wife (Embeth Davidtz) and a teacher’s assistant (Diane Farr) who’s immune to his charms… Meanwhile, Charlie’s (Evan Handler) returned to the mainstream -- he’s ditched the porn world for a job at a legitimate agency. His only problem is a boss/agency head (Kathleen Turner) who’s more interested in him than her clients (hello, Rick Springfield!). It would all be manageable with Marcy (Pamela Adlon) by his side, but she’s still bitter over his affair and is even back on the dating scene, which is further complicated since the two are platonically sharing the house – who can afford a divorce in a recession?


Title Time Price
1 Wish You Were Here 28:47 USD 1.99
2 The Land of Rape and Honey 28:24 USD 1.99
3 Verities and Balderdash 28:24 USD 1.99
4 Zoso 27:21 USD 1.99
5 Slow Happy Boys 28:22 USD 1.99
6 Glass Houses 28:24 USD 1.99
7 So Here's the Thing… 28:19 USD 1.99
8 The Apartment 28:24 USD 1.99
9 Mr. Bad Example 28:15 USD 1.99
10 Dogtown 28:24 USD 1.99
11 Comings and Goings 28:23 USD 1.99
12 Mia Culpa 28:54 USD 1.99


  • I love it😍😍😍

    By Mohsen sniper
    Best,number1,nice,funny...coooooool tv show
  • Great Show!!

    By mark123456
    Love the humor of Duchovny and the sexy gals. Need my fix. Keep Hank & Co coming.
  • NEED SEASON 4!!!

    By keith418
    NEED SEASON 4!!!
  • SEASON 4 please!!!

    By telluridebritt
    Get season 4 here, you get the money, we get the show we want, isn't that how it works? Other shows got put on and then taken off and now we need one of these shows again that we love! you cannot start and then not put it all one there... please... do i have to open a facebook site to vote on??
  • Best comedy on tv. Period.

    By Pokerinpsl
    Writing is brillant. Duchovny is perfect in the role. I can't see anybody else being able to pull it off. Please people, stop asking ITunes to release Season 4. ITunes doesnt decide when to release it. The networks are hte ones that do. All shows on HBO, Showtime, and most other pay channels always release their shows just before the new season airs. This is nothing new people. If your not smart enough to understand this by now, than your probably not smnart enough to watch this show. It would benice for Itunes to erase all repetitive reviews that ask when new seasons will be available on Itunes.
  • i agree the wait is hurting it

    By K. Michelle New
    go to LIMEWIRER you can get upto date shows...just becareful...anything over 400 megabytes is usually a porn. Same goes for Californication. I have small kids and can't watch these shows when they are on. as an investor in apple I would think they ould come up with some win-win deal before those of us forget entourage all together
  • Where's season 4???

    By kyphotog
    I live abroad and so the only way of getting my "Californication fix" is to download from iTunes. I've been waiting and waiting but no season 4! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it available. Thanks!
  • Season 4? When?

    By Artemis629
    When are we getting season 4 iTunes? it ended on Showtime weeks ago. Perty please!!!
  • Season 4

    By Cali_Girl_2
    Where is it....give it to me :-)
  • Season 3 and 1 are my favs

    By TheEternalPanda
    This is one of the only real, raw, brave shows out there (despite a few terrible actresses). Season 1 got me watching, but season 3 was the strongest, imo. It gave more weight to the characters. If you're in a major city, you'll identify with this show's bold, honest depiction of the kind of fishtank we're living in. If you're in a small town, it'll articulate the vast majority of your fantasy lives (whether you explicitly admit to them or not) and tear down the glamor. Great show.