iCarly, Vol. 3

iCarly, Vol. 3


  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2009-09-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 18
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
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iCarly just keeps getting crazier! Sam reveals her kiss with Freddie to Carly, the crew accidentally gets Principal Franklin fired, and Spencer discovers he’s dating Gibby’s mom! Keep up with your iCarly, with these new episodes.


Title Time Price
1 iThink They Kissed 23:43 USD 0.99
2 iCook 23:44 USD 0.99
3 iSpeed Date 23:43 USD 0.99
4 iCarly Awards 23:44 USD 0.99
5 iHave My Principals 23:43 USD 0.99
6 iFind Lewbert's Lost Love 23:43 USD 0.99
7 iMove Out 23:44 USD 0.99
8 iQuit iCarly 47:23 USD 3.99
9 iSaved Your Life Special Extended Versio 23:43 USD 0.99
10 iWas a Pageant Girl 23:43 USD 0.99
11 iEnrage Gibby 23:43 USD 0.99
12 iSpace Out 23:43 USD 0.99
13 iFix a Pop Star 23:44 USD 0.99
14 iBloop 23:43 USD 0.99
15 iWon't Cancel the Show 23:43 USD 0.99
16 iBelieve in Bigfoot 23:44 USD 0.99
17 iPsycho 46:51 USD 3.99
18 iBeat the Heat 23:43 USD 0.99


  • i find Lewbert’s lost love

    By attydevilwoman
    i find lewbert’s lost love is mean because of you lewbert

    By Annoyed girl 120
    Cast is amazing and I love the show
  • 7 Secrets

    By Ludwik Jonkisz
    Come On nickelodeon and iTunes!!! Please add special episode 7 Secrets with Miranda Cosgrove a.k.a. Seven Secrets Special
  • Good season

    By #1victoriousfan
    What happened to the extended version of iSaved Your Life?
  • imove out

    By Worst app ever in history!!!!!
  • Great Show

    By RCortes94
    The i Save Your Life Extended Version removed some parts of this episode
  • Don't waste your money

    By POPaGoGo
    These are the shows of today that I prefer over this -Gravity Falls -Fish Hooks -Phineas and Ferb -All of the animated comedies on Cartoon Network -Almost Naked Animals -Scaredy Squirrel -My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (all for the memes) -Spongebob Squarepants (it may be riduculous now, but I still enjoy it.) I even prefer Battlefield Earth, Freddy Got Fingered and all of the Pauly Shore movies over this horrible show.
  • Why It Is Probably Being Cancelled

    By Vampira2001
    I agree with Cupcake! Lover. iCarly fans (such as me) r getting tired of the Seddie vs. Creddie stuff. The first time the Seddie vs. Creddie thing was on iStart a Fan War. Then it was OK cause it only happened once. Then iOMG also Sam and Freddie kissed, the iKiss one of course, and all of season 5 pretty much. I miss the old iCarly like when Gibby used to take his shirt off.  But now I watch Victorious, which nothing has really changed except Beck and Jade breaking up .
  • Cool so COOL!

    By Zella72
    I love it********************************************* ********************************************** ********************************************** **********************************************
  • iam your biggest fan by a famous person ps it's true

    By pmacshane
    icarly is the best show ever!!!!!!!iApril fools is the best show ever!!!!!!!!Keep on doing icarly