Ghosts, Season 1

Ghosts, Season 1


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2021-10-07
  • Episodes: 18
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
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Samantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a rundown country estate they inherited into a bed & breakfast - only to find it's inhabited by the many opinionated spirits of deceased residents who now call it home.


Title Time Price
1 Pilot 22:12 USD 1.99
2 Hello 21:14 USD 1.99
3 Viking Funeral 21:14 USD 1.99
4 Dinner Party 21:14 USD 1.99
5 Halloween 19:55 USD 1.99
6 Pete's Wife 21:14 USD 1.99
7 Flower's Article 20:50 USD 1.99
8 D&D 21:14 USD 1.99
9 Alberta's Fan 21:03 USD 1.99
10 Possession 21:14 USD 1.99
11 Sam's Mom 21:14 USD 1.99
12 Jays Sister 21:14 USD 1.99
13 The Vault 20:44 USD 1.99
14 Ghostwriter 21:14 USD 1.99
15 Thorapy 21:13 USD 1.99
16 Trevor's Pants 21:14 USD 1.99
17 Attic Girl 21:11 USD 1.99
18 Farnsby & B 20:48 USD 1.99


  • Laughing so hard I shed a tear!

    By payableondeath
    Love this show! So original and really funny!
  • Best show ever!

    By LaneCo84
    So I and my mom and dad love to watch this show and I can’t wait for session 2!
  • Love Ghosts!

    By Victoria and Albert
    I really love this show. All the backstories make for such great stories. So glad I bought the season and really look forward to Season 2!
  • We love this show

    By ajfk
    We all watch this as a family and can’t wait for New episodes
  • Far Superior to the British Original!

    By jkeitz
    This show is based on a BBC show that is much darker and dingier in tone. The first episode is nearly a shot by shot recreation, but with much better actors and cinematography. Usually, the British originals are better (Coupling, Broadchurch), but Ghosts is the exception. I hope this show goes on for at least as long as the original.
  • Can’t get enough of it!

    By svc2011
    Absolutely love it! Great writing and acting! Look forward to every episode!!!! Don’t let haunt me, I WANT MORE EPISODES & SEASONS!!
  • Great show

    By Dysty
    Love show. Purchased full season, however, iTunes says I have to pay for episode 11
  • Disappointed

    I preferred the English version by far.
  • Two thumbs way up.

    By Rdubesq
    Funny. Great writing. Excellent dialogue. Less bleak than the BBC version (occasionally, things go well). Love it.
  • Amazing show

    By QueenMe0813
    Quality writing and lighthearted humor! Glad I purchased the entire season!