Superman & Lois, Season 1

Superman & Lois, Season 1 Streaming

Superman & Lois

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2021-02-23
  • Episodes: 4
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99


After years of facing supervillains, monsters, and alien invaders intent on wiping out the human race, the world’s most famous superhero and comic books’ most famous journalist come face to face with one of their greatest challenges ever – being working parents in today’s society. Complicating the already daunting job of raising two boys, Clark and Lois are concerned with whether or not their sons Jonathan and Jordan could inherit their father’s Kryptonian superpowers as they grow older. Returning to Smallville, Clark and Lois are reacquainted with Clark’s first love, Lana Lang, and her husband Kyle. Of course, there’s never a dull moment in the life of a superhero, especially with Lois’ father, General Samuel Lane looking for Superman to vanquish a villain or save the day at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, Superman and Lois’ return to idyllic Smallville is set to be upended when a mysterious stranger enters their lives.


Title Time Price
1 Pilot 1:03:44 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Superman & Lois Season 1 - Pre-Season La 01:54 Free Buy on iTunes
3 DC FanDome Panel: Superman and Lois 27:40 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Great Show

    By habanajam
    This was much better than I expected it to be. Great visuals and good story. My only issue was that the Superman suite had way too much padding. Hopefully the actor could bulk up in order to make it more believable.
  • NEW FAVORITE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    By Tony 2Toes
    I had my doubts, but they vanished quickly, THIS SHOW IS AWESOME. We need a show with values in a world that seems to be losing them. They really did a great job on making this one. The cinematography is fantastic, the acting is top tier with great messaging. I struggle with social anxiety and depression. It’s nice to see that it’s addressed. Hands down my new fav!
  • Yeaaaaa Superman is back!!!!!

    By Jus-saying
    I loved the first episode. Can’t wait to see the rest
  • Great family show!

    By Buhryann
    This is a great show to watch with your spouse, parents or even siblings! Great acting all around with a well written script thag everybody could enjoy! Love this version of superman!
  • Boring

    By ksr91
    With shows like wandavision and the boys, this feels like the 90210 college years meets-Superman. It’s boring and quite predictable. The premise doesn’t work.
  • Really enjoyed it

    By !el Bandito!
    I hope this stays good unlike most CW shows
  • Interesting

    By Smk200
    I am a fan of Smallville, at least the 1st half. I also was a fan of Lois & Clark. I saw this new show on CW app. I was only able to watch more than half of the 1st episode. I like how it’s a super hero’s perspective of parenthood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any super hero show like that. So I am looking forward to watching more.

    By rls1138
    Thank you WB for giving me back my hero!!!
  • Awesome

    By Armaced
    This is the first Superman since Christopher Reeve that really felt like Superman to me. Tyler Hoechlin seems to effortlessly embody the iconic character and delivers the message that being Superman is more than having incredible powers The entire cast is amazing. Lois is his better half, and the audience believes it. He is literally superhuman, but she is better. I can’t wait to see more of this.
  • It’s Super.. man ...

    By RiskyRon
    Still waiting for my preferred reboot.... Sigh :( This one features a Reebok Pump Super-suit. So I guess that’s a neat addition. “Go-go Gadget Reebok Suit!”