The Owl House, Vol. 2

The Owl House, Vol. 2

The Owl House

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2020-07-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 9
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
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More mystical adventures lie ahead for Luz as she continues her studies at Hexside Academy of Magic and Demonics. Luz needs to learn a new spell, so Eda takes her to the most mysterious place on the island. King confides in a carnival fortune teller who makes his dream come true, but it comes at a cost. And when Luz attends her first Grom Night, it turns out to be completely different than what she expected. With Eda by her side and her feisty sidekick, King, in tow, Luz's skills will be put to the test as she confronts her true destiny in this new world!


Title Time Price
1 Sense and Insensitivity 22:20 USD 1.99
2 Adventures in the Elements 22:05 USD 1.99
3 The First Day 21:50 USD 1.99
4 Really Small Problems 21:35 USD 1.99
5 Understanding Willow 21:50 USD 1.99
6 Enchanting Grom Fright 21:35 USD 1.99
7 Wing it like Witches 22:05 USD 1.99
8 Agony of a Witch 21:05 USD 1.99
9 Young Blood, Old Souls 21:50 USD 1.99


  • yes

    By Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
    yes correct yes
  • Dear Apple

    By amjbfhdjkdbj(fbj
    Your show seems to be lying to the audience about volume 2/season 2 you have season 2 as a few episodes of the first season and season 3 as season 2 I want the show labeled correctly and not having a 1/4 of season 1 being considered season 1

    By AnGeL💗💝
  • This show is awesome

    By Grant Lorenzen
    Please make more episodes please
  • WHAT?!

    By queen of dopeville101
  • This First Half of the Season Is Awesome!

    By Mr potat
    After Watching 9 Episodes, The Secret Code Is Finally Been Revealed: A WITCHES LOSES A TRUE WAY and Two Witches Torn Apart Now Alone Two Hearts Of Stone A Curse Of Feathers And Mud A Betrayal Of Blood. Anyway, Luz’s Dream To Become A Witch Is Almost To Come As She Ongoing Continues Her Training Including Helping Others In Needs. But Now, Luz Has Made A Dangerous Enemy Since Two Last Episodes That She’s Now Facing Against The Ruthless Tyrant, Emperor Belos. Following Two Events. Luz Has Fail To Help Her Master Cure Her Curse After The Heist Mission Went Fail and Led Her Master Capture. But Before That, There Was Also A Shocking Revelation, During The Fight Scene, The Person Who Curse Eda Is None Other Then Her Older Sister, Lilith (Who Made A Terrible Mistake in the Past Which To Also Led The Deal To Emperor Into Helping Her Sister Which She Tell Luz Later). After Eda Been Capture To Bring Before The Emperor and Sent Luz Back Into The Owl House. But Not Before She Determine To Save Eda From The Clutches of the Evil Emperor. Especially He Reveal To Lilith That He's Not Going To Help Her Sister and Sent Her To The Conformatorium To Be Execution By Turning Her Into Stone After She Refusing To Giving Him The Key To Enter The Human Realm For Unknown Reason. Luz and King Must Hurry Before Eda Turn To Stone. As She Boldly Get Arrested On Purpose As She and King Success Infiltrate The Building To Recuse Eda, Along The Way She Made An Unexpected Ally To Help Her, Lilith. As Now She Will Fix Her Mistake By Saving Her Sister With Luz. But Soon The Trio Fall Into A Trap By The Evil Emperor and Sent King and Lilith To Be Execution As Well. Soon Luz and the Emperor Battling Each Other and the Fight End When Belos Overpower Luz. Then The Emperor Give Her A Choice: Give Him A Key (Since Eda Get It To Her) or Let Eda Suffer. And So... She Give Him A Key To Enter Her Realm (Rather Then Invasioh , He Needed Her Realm For Something Else), As He Let Luz Go To Save Her Master But Not Before She Destroy The Key and Without The Key, She Now Trap In The Demon Realm With No Way Home Nor The Emperor As The Two Now Become Archenemies. Luz Successes Save Eda, Along With King and Lilith. The Four Escape and Made It Back To The Owl House. As Lilith Prepare To Fix Her Past Mistake, Lilith and Eda Are Now Share With The Curse But In The Process... The Two Sisters Now Become Powerless and Weakened As They Start The Old Fashion Way, Retraining. With Luz Stuck In The Demon Now, She Hope To Find The Way Home Soon. The Story End With The Evil Emperor, Told His Assistant Not To Worry About The Heroes As He Sent A Spy To Keeping Eyes On Them and He Stated Her That The Day of Unity Almost Coming As He's Building What Left of the Portal Combing With Technology That Which Led To Luz's World Into Great Danger. Now That The First Season Has Ended. I Wonder What Gonna Happen On The Next Season... 1. Will Luz Continue Her Training To Become A Witch and Helping Her Master and her Older Sister To Regain Their Powers Once Again? 2. As Luz’s Amazing Adventure Will Continues, Along The Way, The Next Season... Luz's Gonna New Friends and A New Enemies That She Will Encounter As Well Facing The Owl Masked-Menace Who Is The Emperor's Right-Handed Henchman. He or She Will Be The New Secondary Villain of the Story (Following Lilith's Redemption) As He or She Will Spy On Them In The Shadow Under Belos' Order. 3. Will A Next Season Will Be Focus More On Luz's Friends Especially The Villains (Old and New)? 4. Will The Next Season Will Have A Special Events, Such As Holiday, Origin, Musical, Crossover and A Long-Movie? 4. Will Luz and Amity Become A Couple? (But Before Become Officially, Sure We All Saw Between The Girls That They Once Rivals Now Friends As The Two Became Closer Throughout The First Season. But Now It Became Something More, When Amity Begin To Have Strong Feeling For Luz Due To Her Kind-Nature, This Will Be Disney’s First New Type of Love Since The Beginning. Let’s Hope That There Will A Romance Episode Involve Them and Maybe One Day... Amity Will Tell Luz About Her Feeling For Her, One Day) 5. Will The Next Season Have Dark Magic In The Story Since Technomagic Introduce In The Finale, Now Another of Types of Magic Will Taking Turn. 6. Will Be An Uprising Since The Finale? This Is First Step Since Luz’s Friends Rally The People About The Emperor and His Coven Doing Is Wrong. This Will Led A Beginning A Spark of Rebellion As They'll Eventually Find Out About Emperor Including His Minions' Secret Evil Deeds (or There’s Already A Rebellion Exist Somewhere In The Demon Realm To Fight Back Against The Emperor, The Wild Witches). 7. Will Luz Finally Discover That The Imposter Sending Her Mommy A Phony Letter Under Her Name. 8. Will Luz and the Emperor Clash Again? After Luz Foiling His Plan, The Two Glare Each Other Knowing The Two Will Fight Again, As The Emperor Will Most Likely Sworn Personal Vengeance On The Human Girl. And Last But Not Least... 9. Will Luz and Her Friends Will Discover The Emperor's Secret Nefarious Plan When The Day of Unity Come, He’ll Activated The Portal and Probably Led To Disaster If We’re Smart About His Secret Plan... His Machine Could Destroy The Universe When Become Unstable. If The Heroes Are Smart About This... Then They Cannot Allow The Emperor From Activate The Machine. And The Only Reason The Emperor Doing This Because He’s Probably Want Merge The Realm of Earth Into His Realm. That’s A Possibility The True Meaning of The Day of Unity. See You Soon On The Next Season of The Owl House, Luz, We’re Counting On You To Save Both Realm From Possibly Annihilation. Be Well. 👍
  • Amazing Show

    By xGazorpazorpfieldx
    Haaaaaaaaate that this is in volumes!!!!!! But the show is amazing! Stop making volumes and do seasons :/
  • M!KE!!

    By M!KE!!
    Great Show!! Witches and demons are really cool, and I love watching it!!
  • Sick show

    By F0Fuchia
    Is pretty goo
  • Good show... but-

    By PixarGoodDisneyBad
    Yeah, I like it. But it has a huge pacing problem for me. So many important things just happen so fast, it’s too much! Also I hate that we split up the main trio every episode. I want Luz, King and Eda to vibe together more. Besides that good. RANKING OF CURRENT DISNEY TVA GEMS 1. Ducktales 10/10 2. Amphibia 9/10 3. The Owl House 7.5/10 4. Big City Greens 7/10