Futurama, Complete Series

Futurama, Complete Series


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1999-03-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 128
  • iTunes Price: USD 29.99
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As vast and hilarious as the universe itself, behold the utterly complete collection of FUTURAMA, the gravity-defying, Emmy Award-winning animated series from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.


Title Time Price
1 Season 1, Episode 1, Space Pilot 3000 22:31 Season Only
2 Season 1, Episode 2, The Series Has Land 22:32 Season Only
3 Season 1, Episode 3, I, Roommate 22:31 Season Only
4 Season 1, Episode 4, Love's Labours Lost 22:31 Season Only
5 Season 1, Episode 5, Fear of a Bot Plane 22:31 Season Only
6 Season 1, Episode 6, A Fishful of Dollar 22:30 Season Only
7 Season 1, Episode 7, My Three Suns 22:31 Season Only
8 Season 1, Episode 8, A Big Piece of Garb 22:31 Season Only
9 Season 1, Episode 9, Hell is Other Robot 22:31 Season Only
10 Season 2, Episode 1, A Flight to Remembe 22:33 Season Only
11 Season 2, Episode 2, Mars University 22:32 Season Only
12 Season 2, Episode 3, When Aliens Attack 22:34 Season Only
13 Season 2, Episode 4, Fry and the Slurm F 22:32 Season Only
14 Season 2, Episode 5, I Second That Emoti 22:34 Season Only
15 Season 2, Episode 6, Brannigan, Begin Ag 22:35 Season Only
16 Season 2, Episode 7, A Head in the Polls 22:35 Season Only
17 Season 2, Episode 8, Xmas Story 22:33 Season Only
18 Season 2, Episode 9, Why Must I be a Cru 22:33 Season Only
19 Season 2, Episode 10, Put Your Head on M 22:32 Season Only
20 Season 2, Episode 11, The Lesser of Two 22:35 Season Only
21 Season 2, Episode 12, Raging Bender 22:36 Season Only
22 Season 2, Episode 13, A Bicyclops Built 22:32 Season Only
23 Season 2, Episode 14, How Hermes Requisi 22:34 Season Only
24 Season 2, Episode 15, A Clone of My Own 22:32 Season Only
25 Season 2, Episode 16, The Deep South 22:33 Season Only
26 Season 2, Episode 17, Bender Gets Made 22:35 Season Only
27 Season 2, Episode 18, The Problem with P 22:32 Season Only
28 Season 2, Episode 19, Mother's Day 22:35 Season Only
29 Season 2, Episode 20, Anthology of Inter 22:36 Season Only
30 Season 3, Episode 1, The Honking 22:34 Season Only
31 Season 3, Episode 2, War is the H-Word 22:34 Season Only
32 Season 3, Episode 3, The Cryonic Woman 22:24 Season Only
33 Season 3, Episode 4, Parasites Lost 22:34 Season Only
34 Season 3, Episode 5, Amazon Women in the 22:34 Season Only
35 Season 3, Episode 6, Bendless Love 22:34 Season Only
36 Season 3, Episode 7, The Day the Earth S 22:34 Season Only
37 Season 3, Episode 8, That's Lobstertainm 22:34 Season Only
38 Season 3, Episode 9, The Birdbot of Ice- 22:28 Season Only
39 Season 3, Episode 10, The Luck of the Fr 22:34 Season Only
40 Season 3, Episode 11, The Cyber House Ru 22:34 Season Only
41 Season 3, Episode 12, Insane in the Main 22:34 Season Only
42 Season 3, Episode 13, Bendin' in the Win 22:34 Season Only
43 Season 3, Episode 14, Time Keeps on Slip 22:34 Season Only
44 Season 3, Episode 15, I Dated a Robot 22:34 Season Only
45 Season 4, Episode 1, Roswell That Ends W 22:34 Season Only
46 Season 4, Episode 2, A Tale of Two Santa 22:34 Season Only
47 Season 4, Episode 3, Anthology of Intere 22:34 Season Only
48 Season 4, Episode 4, Love and Rocket 22:34 Season Only
49 Season 4, Episode 5, Leela's Homeworld 22:34 Season Only
50 Season 4, Episode 6, Where the Buggalo R 22:34 Season Only


  • No HD for available seasons

    By NJackman
    It’s still cheaper to buy this at $30 and then buy the separate HD seasons. Absolutely do not buy this at full price. I paid $30.
  • SD episodes are over compressed

    By Foobarsoft
    The HD episodes look fine (I see that was a complaint for some people, they are now in HD). But unfortunately the SD episodes are really over compressed. Things get kind of blurry whenever there’s movement and you can see pixels easily. It looks worse than the original airing, let alone something like DVD.
  • Stupid Menu/Selection

    By C.Ramirez57
    While I’m fine with the SD format the way ITunes has the series is completely Stupid. When you buy the “whole” series seasons are not separate but shows as One giant season which means I have to scroll far right to maybe watch a season 5 or 7 season instead of scrolling down easily . Who ever made it this was was fool making it harder to watch the shows.
  • Make all the episodes each day so we can buy

    By Jackpalermo
    Seriously Apple I’m trying to buy this I understand all you care about is money so if you wanna make a lot of it make it HD
  • SD Only and Inaccurate?

    By DeathwatchDoc
    This would be such an easy impulse buy for me, but the details are all wrong. Get this sorted out so I can enjoy this great show in all its humorous glory.
  • Must Have

    By meow5177
    Must have amazing Show ✅
  • One of the best shows out there!

    By Korrrrrrl
    Futurama is a great show and definitely gets 5 stars! This is the complete series in SD. Normally seasons 6-10 are in HD. I wish that there was an option to purchase the HD version but there isn’t. This isn’t Apple’s fault, this is whoever distributed the complete series. Still a great deal for this show!
  • The show is a masterpiece, but…

    By Fooruman
    Futurama is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable, funniest, best-animated, best-acted, and overall best adult animation series of all time. Before there was Rick and Morty, the Planet Express crew were traveling to countless worlds and bringing us lucky viewers along for the ride. All along the way, we were treated to episodes about everything from love, to office politics, to political satire, to comedic takes on Bible stories (seriously), and everything in between. What makes Futurama extra special - even when compared to modern greats like Rick and Morty - is that it’s not afraid to get emotional and even downright heartbreaking at times. This is a comedy whose creators understand that getting their audience to laugh is great, but getting them to *feel* is even better - and the show was created by talented folks who were able to reach such lofty goals on a regular basis. While the series had its hit or miss episodes, and the quality wasn’t always as consistent as the fans would’ve liked, it remained one of the funniest shows on TV until it was cancelled… and then until it was cancelled two more times after that. It just couldn’t stay dead, because the fans - and the talented people involved in its creation - recognized it was something truly special. I’m confident that if you watch, you’ll feel the same. However, if you’re watching on an HDTV, or if you care about picture quality, unfortunately I can’t recommend buying this complete set. It’s far better to buy the seasons individually. The reason for this is that the original run of the show (prior to its first cancellation) were in 4x3 “standard definition.” When the show was revived, and later revived again, those episodes were animated in gorgeous 16x9 high definition. However, bafflingly and frustratingly, the complete set offered on iTunes only includes standard definition versions of EVERY episode of the series (despite the fact that the later seasons are all available in HD on the same platform when purchased separately). This means that viewers who purchase this set will be missing out on some of the incredible level of detail seen in some of the later seasons, which is a real shame given how gorgeous (albeit seemingly simple) Futurama’s animation was. I can’t recommend the show enough, but I can’t recommend the box set at all for viewers who care even a little about picture quality.
  • Horrible

    By AgentTCT
    Have been wanting to buy this for years but I don’t want SD when HD is out. This is blasphemy, Apple.
  • Best Show Ever Made

    By Jucudeno
    ‘Nuff said.