Xena: Warrior Princess, Season 6

Xena: Warrior Princess, Season 6

Xena: Warrior Princess

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2000-10-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
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Xena: Warrior Princess, the groundbreaking series that redefined the female action hero on television, returns for an exciting sixth season. Things have changed dramatically in the Xenaverse as the result of astonishing events that occurred last season.


Title Time Price
1 Coming Home 44:29 USD 1.99
2 Haunting of Amphipolis 44:23 USD 1.99
3 Heart of Darkness 43:27 USD 1.99
4 Who's Gurkham? 44:30 USD 1.99
5 Legacy 44:26 USD 1.99
6 The Abyss 44:23 USD 1.99
7 The Rheingold 43:55 USD 1.99
8 The Ring 44:29 USD 1.99
9 Return of the Valkyrie 44:29 USD 1.99
10 Old Ares Had a Farm 44:24 USD 1.99
11 Dangerous Prey 44:20 USD 1.99
12 The God You Know 44:23 USD 1.99
13 You Are There 44:23 USD 1.99
14 Path of Vengeance 44:25 USD 1.99
15 To Helicon and Back 44:24 USD 1.99
16 Send in the Clones 44:23 USD 1.99
17 Last of the Centaurs 43:26 USD 1.99
18 When Fates Collide 44:23 USD 1.99
19 Many Happy Returns 44:24 USD 1.99
20 Soul Possession 44:25 USD 1.99
21 Friend in Need, Part 1 44:27 USD 1.99
22 Friend in Need, Part 2 44:25 USD 1.99



    By Lion Eyes
    I won't spoilt for you, if you're someone who has NEVER watched Xena Warrior Pricess before but I will rate this season vs the series as a whole. Storywise, I believe that the show should had ended on season 5, pretty much we came full circle with Xena, Gabrielle and pretty much the message of the series, which is about redeeming yourself by helping those you wronged in your past. Season 6... Either the network or the production decided that Xena was a cash cow they weren't going to let go so easily, even if Lucy Lawless had a newborn to take care of and pretty much Renee couldn't wait to move on and take her career in a different direction. Although season 6 had several amazing episodes, such as, Who's Ghurkan? (which was better suited to be included in season 5 narrative) and Path of Vengeance, where Xena had emotional and combative challenges. However, there was no direction, the writers or the producers were starting to throw stuff at the wall to see what stick... such as getting into Norse mythology, only to be underplayed in a mockery-episode later in the season. The whole season was just a BAD JOKE, the show I've been avidly watching and buying (I spend hundreds on merchandise over the years) was ruined and to add salt to the wound, Rob Tapert decided to screw pretty much every fan with that finale that didn't had any logical or series-wise sense. Grillo-Marxuach was doing a Xena reboot but unfortuneately NBC Jennifer Salke decided to kill it.
  • Season 1 and Hercules?

    By Hell boy87
    Where is season 1 of Xena and all five seasons of Hercules the legendary journeys?
  • Season 1

    By Carolinabluu
    The show is great, I've been a fan of it since I was a child. For a long time I tried to get all seasons and glad to see they are to purchasing now, however I'm waiting so bad to see SEASON ONE on sale. I already purchased the rest of them but cannot start to watching them if I not get the season one. It is the beginning of all the next ones. I am checking at least once a week and see if it's in sale and still it's not. Unfair.
  • Season 1

    By Ang8976
    I have been obsessed with Xena since I was a child. I have seen this 6 times. I have been checking iTunes frequently waiting for the entire season goes up for purchasing. Last I checked we only had three seasons now we almost got all of them. When will season 1 be for sale?! I am not purchasing until the entire series is up.