Community, Season 6

Community, Season 6


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2016-03-07
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 29.99
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“Community” is a smart, exuberant comedy that is consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original half-hours on television. This ensemble comedy centers around a tight-knit group of friends who all met at what is possibly the world’s worst educational institution – Greendale Community College.


Title Time Price
1 Ladders 27:28 USD 1.99
2 Lawnmower Maintenance & Postnatal Care 26:58 USD 1.99
3 Basic Crisis Room Decorum 24:35 USD 1.99
4 Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing 30:55 USD 1.99
5 Laws of Robotics & Party Rights 28:38 USD 1.99
6 Basic Email Security 28:07 USD 1.99
7 Advanced Safety Feature 28:29 USD 1.99
8 Intro to Recycled Cinema 28:23 USD 1.99
9 Grifting 101 28:48 USD 1.99
10 Basic RV Repair & Palmistry 26:09 USD 1.99
11 Modern Espionage 28:29 USD 1.99
12 Wedding Videography 26:08 USD 1.99
13 Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Tele 27:16 USD 1.99


  • Top Three Episodes

    By Got2BJosh
    You can definitely sense a difference in the final season as the show moved to the now shuttered Yaahoo Screen, but there are some solid episodes. Best Episodes 6.11 Modern Espionage - Premise-wise, arguably better than the much lauded season two paintball episodes. For sure an inspired addition to the paintball canon. Not to be missed. 6.12 Wedding Videography - A hilarious addition to the show's mockmentary episodes. Great showcase for the characters of Britta, Annie, and Jeff. 6.13 Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television - The heartfelt series finale. Cons: Cinematography was less warm compared to other seasons and the colors looked less saturated. The end tags felt way different in tone compared to previous seasons. They seemed darker and more cynical. Some episodes did not benefit from the longer running time (6.4 was the longest single episode in the series history... and it felt like it). Weakest & Most Contrived Episodes: 6.7 Advanced Safety Feature (the infamous Honda episode), 6.9 Grifting 101, 6.10 Basic RV Repair & Palmistry

    By Jamatulevich
    Where is my movie?
  • #andamovie

    By Fatstuff2000
    amazing show sad to see its over
  • #Andamovie

    By Frandaman84
    Just a great show that wasn't cut short because it was really great while it lasted I just wish it could've had it full potential seen through, NBC never got behind it like they should have and then the turmoil then the firing, quittings, and gas leak season.. all through it Dan Harmon and the remaining cast gave it their all. And it showed this show was great and I'll always love watching it.