Fair Game

Fair Game Streaming Movie

By Doug Liman

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2010-11-05
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 47min
  • Director: Doug Liman
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Fair Game Movie Streaming Description

From the director of The Bourne Identity comes this riveting thriller inspired by the experiences of real-life CIA officer Valerie Plame (Academy Award® nominee** Naomi Watts). When Plame's retired ambassador husband Joe Wilson (Academy Award® winner** Sean Penn) writes a newspaper article challenging the basis for the U.S. war on Iraq, the White House leaks Plame's undercover status—leaving her international contacts vulnerable, her career in shambles and her life in danger. Crackling with sharp dialogue, gripping intrigue and heart-pounding suspense, Fair Game is the adventure that's so unbelievable, it can only be real.

Fair Game Movie Streaming Reviews

  • Highily Accurate, Great Movie

    By Furutan1
    Based on a true story. Watts and Penn are brilliant. This is a highly accurate story of a CIA NOC operative and spouse who provided information that should have stopped a war but were thwarted by an administration determined to lie in order to have their war. It was the worst White House travesty since Watergate and it cost thousands of lives, plus it involved bald-faced treason on the part of the administration. The writing, direction, acting and production are all first-rate. Along with All the President's Men, Good Night and Good Luck, and the Missiles of October, Fair Game should be required viewing for all high school students.
  • Great movie!

    By Jacky jensen
    This movie will be a historical classic.
  • Fair Game

    By waipunahoa
    Wasted my $.99 on this movie. At the start, it droned on and on then went straight to ultra violent action. Thought it would be important and informative, but unfortunately I didn't feel good about it.
  • Goes nowhere

    By Richard Rubens
    Don't bother Star power the only attraction
  • Terrible

    By jshray
    Long, boring and completely left wing biased. Waste of time.
  • Great acting, disgusting govt actions

    By Jackwdriver
    Theatrically the beginning and end were fast paced. Watts and Penn pull you in from the start. The middle when the White House machine and press coordinated their attacks was frustrating then alarming, then sad. Valerie, Joe and their family are genuine heroes that should have never been put in this situation. Bravo for bravely fighting back against hubris and immorality.
  • Bom filme!

    By mmustran
    Bom filme para assistir com os filhos e explicar as relações entre política, poder, interesses, manipulação da opinião pública, ética, ..... com a realidade americana como pano de fundo (prática)!
  • Dumb...

    By Brittgudowski
    STUPID on all levels... Great idea for a movie but the execution failed. Penn is NEVER worth the hype and not even close to the hype. My cat could do better than him.
  • Help!!!!! iTunes

    By Daddy King2
    Why can't I rent this movie?
  • We need more movies like this one

    By PopLife2013
    A message film that does not hit you over the head with its message. Instead it asks the question about what one's personal responsibility is to their country versus their own self interest. The protagonist is put in this dilemma in a way that I found sympathetic. I don't like how Doug Liman shoots his films, but that's just me. Too much shakiness and darkness on the screen. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.