Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body

By Karyn Kusama

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 2009-09-18
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 42min
  • Director: Karyn Kusama
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Sexy temptress Megan Fox is hotter than hell as Jennifer, a gorgeous, seductive cheerleader who takes evil to a whole new level after she’s possessed by a sinister demon. Steamy action and gore galore ensue as the male student body succumbs to Jennifer's insatiable appetite for human flesh. Now it’s up to her best friend (Amanda Seyfried) to stop Jennifer's reign of terror before it's too late!


  • GotmychickensatWalmart

    By Emily •_•
  • yeah ❤️

    By cdggjfdrh
    they ate this up, Hollywood ROBBED Megan
  • Time to revisit this movie with new eyes

    By Mateo Nikolav
    Loved this movie upon understanding how it should’ve been marketed. It was definitely years ahead. While it still has it flaws I thoroughly think of it as cult classic worthy.
  • Ahead of its time!!

    By JesseMQ94
    A modern feminist horror classic!! Witty comedy, amazing dialogue and stellar performance by Megan Fox!
  • Garbage

    By FreshlySqueeeeezed
    Besides the drool factor of the two leads, there is no substance in this movie. It tries too hard to be quirky without actually doing anything.
  • Sleeps With The Stereotype Doesn't Call

    By Kenzi_e
    Old school slashers were a comedy of errors. This took that premise and did cool things with it.
  • Please watch Revenge of the Fallen

    By The Sci-Fi Master
    Hated this movie! It had to be rated R because it had graphic sci-fi/horror violence, language, and some gruesome images. First of all, this movie gives Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen a BAD REPUTATION. This movie had been deemed to be far worse than the first two Transformers movies by Michael Bay. Megan Fox played on those two and she played the main antagonist in this one. Second, this movie, along with the remake of Carrie, is much worse than I Know What You Did Last Summer because of Megan Fox's most antagonistic role. It is more frightening and far worse than that 1997 slasher flick. This looks like something that someone had written at a college. What a piece of scrap! Overall, someone else could've played Jennifer in this movie if it had not been for Megan Fox. If Megan Fox didn't get the role, then someone like Felicity Jones would've played in it instead. I'm never seeing it again.
  • Yeah ... no...

    By BreakingBad!!!
    Love a good horror. This one ain't it...
  • The timing is all off

    By HeadfullaTunes
    In comedy, timing is everything. And in this movie, the timing is all off. Film students should watch this to learn what NOT to do...
  • F*ckn Awesome

    By Xenoneon
    This movie was great! Scary, campy, girl power, original story that was cohesive. And great acting by Amanda and Megan that makes the story believable. Megan fox is super sexy and hot, Amanda playa a great counter part of the dorky, nerdy girl. Quickly jumped to one of my horror faves.