Gladiator Streaming Movie

By Rowdy Herrington

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 1992-03-06
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 41min
  • Director: Rowdy Herrington
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Gladiator Movie Streaming Description

The gripping story of two young men who attempt to climb out of the ghetto by entering into a corrupt fight-promoter's ring.

Gladiator Movie Streaming Reviews

  • Awesome flick!!!

    By holyphantasm1977
    No it's not the other Gladiator movie (which is amazing) but in its own way this movie holds up to that title. Mind I mention it came first. This movie is a great watch. You won't be disappointed. Don't expect lions and chariots but rather have an open mind and critique the film as it's own. Great for its time!!! Hey Cuba gooding jr. Was practically a kid in this movie!!!
  • ive seen it a hundred times

    By Tp gamer
    i like this movie, if you are upset because you bought this one instead of the russel crowe movie maybe you should learn how to research what your buying. the dialog and acting may not be the best but its from 1992. the plot is a good one and it stays on its story line. two kids doing what every they have to do to get out of the getto.
  • Awesome

    By zach0317
    The plot line to this movie is great. There is a lot of heart and life lessons packed into this movie. For those of you who bought this movie and saw it wasn't russel crow, congrats. You have eyes and can see. This movie is easily up there with russel crow.
  • WHAT!?

    By JGizzle6
    why doesnt itunes have the russel crow Gladiator!
  • This is better than a Crowe movie

    By Usleepwithmonkeys
    Ok people get over it. This is no gladitor with Crowe that has a Gladiator on it duh! This is a Great movie! Thnx for finally getting it and the soundtrack!!!!!
  • Lol not Gladiator

    By Crissaegrim
    Not it. Beware
  • CRAP

    By benimal815
    i want the real movie
  • Thought it was something it wasn't

    By AAldea
    So....I totally thought this was the Gladiator with Russell Crowe but instead it's something about boxing? Don't know why they don't have that Gladiator, and have this one which I never even heard about. Disappointed in iTunes, this movie was suggested when I was looking at Elizabeth and Anne of a Thousand Days, this this was misleading as a history flick. Be warned.
  • Learn to look.

    By Windstrider83
    This is a great movie about determination and the willingness to risk everything for your friends. For those of you who are hating on this page, no it's not the Russell crowe movie, which anyone with eyeballs should be able to see.
  • Excellent for its time!

    By War zone
    The movie is basically about the crooked side of the amature boxing ring. Smalltime boxing. Noticeably no headgear, and most the fighters are dirty. As a teenager moves to a new school because his Father owes debt he must fight to pay those debts. A pretty interesting view of the Boxing world and an excellent movie.