The Sky Crawlers

The Sky Crawlers Streaming Movie

By Mamoru Oshii

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2009-05-26
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 1min
  • Director: Mamoru Oshii
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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The Sky Crawlers Movie Streaming Description

From Mamoru Oshii, the world-acclaimed director of Ghost in the Shell comes an award-winning story of an exciting but endless war with heroes too young to understand the reality of their battles. A group of eternally young fighter pilots known as Kildren experience the sudden loss of innocence as they battle the enemy in astonishing dogfights above the clouds. With his only childhood memory consisting of intense flight training, the fearless teenage pilot Yuichi's dogfights coexist with his struggle to find his missing past. When his beautiful, young female commander Suito is reluctant to discuss the fate of the pilot that Yuichi is replacing - or the strangely perfect condition of that pilot's former aircraft - Yuichi's curiosity becomes heightened.

The Sky Crawlers Movie Streaming Reviews

  • Weird and profoundly nasty world this is set in.

    By Hesprus.
    Theoretically I should like this movie. It contains a whole bunch of things I love. Air combat, a world without governments, beautiful imagery. However this is clearly the product of minds that feel trapped in an existence of utter futility. I hate everything about futility but I especially hate being reminded of it. Also, as others have said, don't trust the trailer. There is max 26 minutes of actual dogfighting in the movie. The plot plods along with all the speed of a Galapagos Tortoise with an aircraft carrier anchor wrapped around its neck. What really sinks this movie for me though is one simple problem. With the exception of a one character who shows up near the end. Almost no one in this movie acts remotely like a human being. Many of their actions are confusing, delusional and utterly insane. Like everyone has been dosed with Thorazine or something. Honestly, I would be hard pressed to name a fictional robot who would be as flat, emotionless and irreversibly set on autopilot as the characters in this movie.
  • uggghhhh

    By e-dons
    Great Art but blaaaaggghhhh story line.
  • Very good movie!!

    By need to be happy
    I've watched this movie a couple of time's and are never disappointed. The CG part ( Aircraft flying and fighting) and the anime parts ( the characters) is very obvious. The characters could have been a little more bolder and sharper in color, it's like they had a slight haze to them. A lot of you had trouble with it being in english or english sub-title's, I saw this show on Netflix and it is in english, no subtitle's. I liked the theme music at the end when they were showing the credits. Long live Anime..
  • rotten...

    By stingmaster
    Hey I-TUNES!!!! WHERE IS THE ENGLISH DUB? Isn't it our choice it we prefer to watch a movie in english dub or english sub? now i totally wasted $9.99 on a rotten movie thats not even in english!!!! if i knew that i would have gone to RIGHT STUF and bought the english version OR BEST BUY!!!!
  • Genius

    By mvoro5
    You are going to spend the entire time of the movie waiting for a plot, a turning point, or at least the growth of a character- it will never come. The end will leave you stunned and confused. As you process what you just saw, you will come to understand the message of the movie and its connection to real life. This isn't some corny movie about happy endings and heroes realizing their true potential, this movie is a metaphor for the lives of most people. This a truly a great and deep movie! I greatly recommend it!
  • dayummmm.

    By redruby794
    the animation and plot was stunning and breathtaking and completely unlike anything else I've ever seen before, as usual. it makes me think very hard about what the true message of the movie is. I was really engaged the entire time, because there were quite a few intriguing plot twists. I definitely reccommend watching it. the trailer is really misleading, though. the trailer seems to focus on the action and the dogfights? which there is and are a lot of, but that's not the point of the film at all. it's not about the fighting, it's about what and who is behind the fighting. don't go into it expecting Jason Bourne or James Bond or something like that. expect something much, much deeper.
  • WAYYY too slow

    By vashinator
    While the art is pretty and animation well-done, this story moves waaaay to slow and it lacks a gripping plot to advance the story forward. I watched it for about an hour and then was too bored to finish it. I've watched hundreds of anime, and that was the first time that has ever happened.
  • Thought-provoking

    By nadesico33
    Don't be fooled by the summary splash, it completely miss-sells the movie as an action/adventure title. The movie, like Oshii's other theatrical animated (I haven't seen his live-action stuff) works, is a slow and atmospheric film with a message. This one is equal parts the futiliy of war and peace alongside a veiled criticism of fan culture (specifically anime, but could just as easily be applied to other fan cultures). The animation quality is excellent, the character designs seem somewhat abbreviated, they are animated exceedingly well, and the backgrounds and CG work are also topnotch. Its not for everyone, but the film is still excellent in its own rights, and good for anyone looking for something thought-provoking.
  • Another oshii masterpiece

    By Infornography
    Visually stunning with a gripping plot, sky crawlers is not something you should miss.
  • The theme song by Ayaka is cut out of US release

    By Cody Liu
    The movie itself is great, but the theme song is gone and replaced by other soundtrack in this version. The theme song title is "Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete(今夜も星に抱かれて・・・)," and it was meant to be at the end credits, but was replaced by other soundtrack. The song, which is chosen by the director himself, is great and I think the music is part of the movie, so it is a big deal for me.