Once Upon a Time In the West

Once Upon a Time In the West Streaming Movie

By Sergio Leone

  • Genre: Classics
  • Release Date: 1968-12-21
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 45min
  • Director: Sergio Leone
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Once Upon a Time In the West Movie Streaming Description

Directed by Sergio Leone, this epic Western re-established the genre, and still stands as one of the greatest, artistic films of all time. Henry Fonda stars as Frank, a ruthless murderous psychopath who feels no remorse, even after annihilating Mrs. McBain’s (Claudia Cardinale) entire family. Charles Bronson plays The Man, a harmonica wielding loner who will never forget how his brother was savagely tortured. The Man joins forces with Cheyenne (Jason Robards), the man wrongfully accused of murdering Mrs. McBain’s family, to put an end once and for all to Frank’s reign of terror.

Once Upon a Time In the West Movie Streaming Reviews

  • Omfg!

    By Tuuvok666
    A Classic western movie! The Actors, the music, sound effects and the acting. A must have.

    By JohnJudyH
    Like watching paint dry. Fell asleep after 30 minutes.
  • Exceedingly slow

    By IrishPirQueen
    I found this movie to be terribly boring. The acting is not commensurate with the actors' abilities although Jason Robards was excellent in this spaghetti Western mostly shot in Spain. If you sped up the tough guy walks and the "I’m the meanest in the Wild West" dirty looks– there wouldn’t be much left. The first hour of the movie could have been cut almost totally. I kept thinking to myself that the plot would work itself out in the end but it did so just barely. This film is exceedingly long which I typically like. Note that not everyone will enjoy this film.
  • Absolute masterpiece!

    By redmaru
    Just amazing. Cinematography, plot, characters.
  • Well worth watching

    By Mason Las Vegas
    I was expecting some disappointment watching this old classic western. I was wrong! Filled with some old great actors, it was a great movie to watch. I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys the old westerns.
  • Terrible picture quality.

    By NielsV1969
    The best western ever made but terrible picture quality. Just replace the movie with the remastered version because this is a disgrace. Paramount is still using an upscaled DVD or terrible compressed version. This classic movie deserves better. These are 4k times with 4k projectors and 4k tv’s. And it simply looks terrible on a big screen.
  • Amazing!

    By Dom510
    Easily one of the best westerns ever made, up there with Mr. Leone's other masterpieces being the dollars trilogy. The perfomances of the entire cast is great especially Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson. Certainly recommended to any fan of the genre.
  • Extended, but not the 4 hour version

    By Furutan1
    This is the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western, second only to The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. The original, which blew everyone away when it debuted at Cannes, was about four hours long and contained extended flashbacks. This is not that version, but at 2:45 is longer than the original U.S. release that Warner Brothers had cut down to a standard length (and which had soured Leone on the American movie industry). While he would live another 21 years after its release, this was his fourth and last western. This was also the first of another intended trilogy, the second part being Once Upon a Time in America (1984). This film is extremely gritty and the art is such that one could easily pull a hundred various frames and use them as art, one example being the rough;hews interior of the train station. When it comes to combining the western genre with art, there is no film that could come close to matching Once Upon a Time in the West.
  • Best Ever

    By Bip242
    Western Masterpiece!!!!!!
  • beyond 10 stars

    By kalua2
    Henry Fonda and the cast who acted in this film are the best in movie history. Other than Robert Mitchum..Henry Fonda, is the tops..every character he portrays makes the film ..so believeable. He always portrays his screen character, beyond his acting skills. He illuminates the time and the era, every motion picture he ever made. I will only purchase a movie that is well deserved. To me, the classics are the best, even the silent movies. Where actors really worked hard to become the greats. Not like today. They only drop their drawers to be a star. Sad. The real actors have a long gone now, but their movies will live on through generations..Aloha,