Spencer Streaming Movie

By Pablo Larrain

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2021-11-05
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 56min
  • Director: Pablo Larrain
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 19.99
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Spencer Movie Streaming Description

The marriage of Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) and Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. But this year, things will be profoundly different. Spencer is an imagining of what might have happened during those few fateful days.

Spencer Movie Streaming Reviews

  • Do not rent

    By Renee901
    Waste of money. I am a huge Diana fan. This was a dull, drawn out movie.

    By fanboienigma
    This is such a unique take on iconic woman. Kristen Stewart is the perfect match for this ghostly fable. It’s well made in every aspect. Thank you Pablo and Kristen Stewart!
  • Best movie of the year

    By Isacmedinabur
    This Movie is amazing the visuals are beautiful, the performance is perfect,it’s a great Christmas movie and a perfect movie for mom’s day which I didn’t expect.It’s depressing but the ending is pays off
  • Phenomenal ❤️

    By Pacey2014
    Def going to get many award nominations/wins best actress, best costume design, best score just to name a few.

    By mic ork
    Depressing, boring and a waste of time!
  • Huge Disappointment

    By Giovanni39
    Disrespectful would be the one word I’d use to describe this waste of film. Was this sponsored by the royal family in order to make Dianna out to be completely crazy??? And all this smoke blowing about Kristen Stewart winning an Oscar? REALLY ??? Its the same sad moody face she uses in just about every film she’s been in. Nothing more than a Total “Hit Job” on Dianna’s character. Cheap shot to be made at a deceased icon.
  • Awful

    By jennleem
    This movie was really not good . I cant believe I paid 24$ for it . The story line was weak and it was over powered by obnoxious loud instrumentals. Hard pass
  • Just wow!

    By MimiLTD
    This is indeed Kristen Stewart’s best performance as of today. I loved it from beginning to end. Give it a watch, you will not regret it.
  • Bad Movie, Decent acting by Stewart

    By draggun007
    I do not recommend buying or renting this movie. Don’t waste your money. This was a terribly written and directed movie with the worst soundtrack of any movie I’ve ever seen. It was only, possibly, saved by the acting of Stewart who did a decent job. It’s unfortunate that it’s wasted on this movie. If your looking for a movie that celebrates Diana and have some insight into how she became the icon that she is, then this is NOT it.
  • K Stew

    By ❄Cheeky Pikachu❄
    She has really grown into her own. So incredibly proud of her!