American Skin

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Film By Nate Parker

  • Genre: Film Thriller
  • Release Date: 2021-01-15
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 29min
  • Director: Nate Parker
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99


A Marine veteran working as a school janitor tries to mend his relationship with his son after a divorce. When his son is killed by a police officer found innocent without standing trial, he takes matters into his own hands.


  • Horrible Message and Twisted Narrative

    By Bthompson8411
    I wish I could give this movie a negative rating. This has taken away from messages from people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who called for UNITY, and has become a call to arms, an inciting of violence against other Americans, against law enforcement, just because they are police and not black... this is a bad message. And that’s coming from me being a black man. This is disgusting. I’m glad I was able to get my money back for this. I’ll never support movies that are racially dividing and not acknowledged as such because it was made by a black man. Welcome, 1984.
  • Excellent movie for everyone to see 🔥

    By Ultimatefox84
    This movie is a must see for all races!!! (It’s pretty sad looking at the bad reviews you can clearly tell they didn’t watch the movie at all but that was expected)
  • Conversation

    By not...happy...!
    Definitely worth a conversation! This needs to be seen by everyone. Not being biased on either side, but a great piece to peek inside the minds of different people of every age group, race and nationality.
  • amazing movie

    By ChrissyWash
    This movie was awesome and had a great overall message .
  • 🥱

    By Jon21144
    Any idiot that buys in this fantasy story deserves what they get. These mongrels will die in the streets like the animals they are while the woke brigade profits selling false narratives.
  • Another movie the promotes hate

    By kajjii
    People will never learn. Movies that Hollywood make that take advantage of people current situation and banking on it does not help. We need to learn to get past what’s happened but we never will with this stuff being peddled for money
  • Great movie

    By JulioWoooo
    Great movie on illustrating the truth!
  • A truth that many are not ready to face

    By Ladybrown1984
    The movie was excellent in showing the reality that black people face daily. However it’s a reality that this country isn’t ready to be honest about...we have seen that play out. They are more willing to just point the finger in another direction. Heartbreaking
  • Racist

    By c4am95
    White liberals really need to stop pushing this false narrative. Mathematically, the numbers simply just dont work in its favor, in fact they tell the opposite story.
  • wake up got skin,got God???????????????????????

    By twistedchic
    one world one god all lives matter most of you all have not lived a day in your life knowing what times were back in the 1700s. you are all about to get a dose and then you will be wishing upon a star to be able to watch another fantasy cause history is ready to take your babies yourland your territory and your soul so if this is america,,,,this country and skin color areb about to be erased.this is another FANTASY SO BABIES LIVES MATTER AND YOUR WAY IS COMING. GET RIGHT WITH GOD AND POPCORN AND ANOTHER FILM WILL BE SHORT OF A DOLLAR AND AMERICA CAN DREAFACT!!!YOU HAVE NOT LIVED ONE DAY LIKE THIS AND THIS IS GONNA PAINT A PRETTY LITTLE PIC OF YOUR SOUL BEING TAKEN. NO JOKE....THEY WANT US ALL DEAD NP MATTER RELIGION,SKIN, CREED OR SKIN. TUEF WAR ON A GLOBAL SCALE. UNITY IN NUMBERS IF PEOPLE CAN GET THAT THEN WE AMERICANS ALL LIVES MATTER CAN HAVE A CHANCE..