The Dark and the Wicked

The Dark and the Wicked

By Bryan Bertino

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 2020-11-06
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Bryan Bertino
  • iTunes Price: USD 13.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99


On a secluded farm, a man is bedridden and fighting through his final breaths while his wife slowly succumbs to overwhelming grief. Siblings Louise and Michael return home to help, but it doesn’t take long for them to see that something’s wrong with mom, something more than her heavy sorrow. Gradually, they begin to suffer a darkness similar to their mother’s, marked by waking nightmares and a growing sense that an evil entity is taking over their family.


  • One bleak surprise

    By Peloquin1981
    This was a fantastically dark and bleak, slow burn horror film. It takes its time setting the scene and building the dread, but it does not disappoint. Bertino just seems to keep improving with each film, and I personally can’t wait to see what he makes next.
  • Great build up for a let down in the end

    By Devil2357
    Be prepared for a gritty long build up that goes no where. No explanation no real thought into what it was or why. Or why it’s there to begin with. Save the money and watch Hereditary
  • Radical

    By Where is the punch button!?
    I was quite pleased with the innovation this film has and not a typical scary movie. Soundtrack is superb and eery.
  • Goooooooooood

    By hosrey
    Nice film
  • Horrible. Waste of time. Slow.

    By RosalitaMRN
    This movie is so bad. Slow and built up to nothing remarkable. Don’t waste your time And money.
  • Who financially backs a movie like this?

    By italeviee
    I’d like to say The Dark and The Wicked was an artistic take on the toll grief and loss takes on a family, or a film that creatively used possession to demonstrate how people feel when they lose faith in everything, but I can’t. The movie was directionless with no resolution after a slow, violent hour and a half.
  • Brilliant!!!!!

    By MacFollese
    Psychology disturbing. It’s not your typical scary movie. It’s eerie and disturbing without any of the actual paranormal shots. It’s effect is certainly strong enough to to linger into the night, when the lights are out and you ponder what might be waiting for you in the darkness.
  • Spine tingling!

    By Steveyboy1984
    This is a great horror film. Scary from beginning to end. 👍
  • Creepy

    By Riffmachine
    This film has a slow burn quality to it which increases as the movie continues on. It’s very creepy, and it made the hairs on my arms stand up multiple times. There isn’t a ton of visual payoff when it comes to the evil presence, but I still really liked the movie.
  • A 3-star horror movie AT BEST

    By krampuslives
    This is not a bad horror movie, but people here giving it more than 3 stars must be delirious. NO SPOILERS. This is a movie about 2 brothers visiting their mother and father who lives in a faraway farm. Strange things happens showing the brothers that the farm has an evil presence, but they struggle to believe it since theyre atheists. THATS THE MAIN STORY. My main thought about this movie was: EVERYTHING this movie did, other movies had already done it but much better. It dont give viewers nothing new or fresh. It just same old ideas done in a generic way. Theres nothing so scary in this movie. I would say i wasted my time BUT i will say this: There are far more haunted farm movies out there way better than this boring one here.