Escape Room

Escape Room

By Adam Robitel

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2019-01-04
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 39min
  • Director: Adam Robitel
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99


Escape Room is a psychological thriller about six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to find the clues or die.


  • amazing & SO worth watching

    By allerzzzz
    i went to see it while it was in theaters. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. it was so suspenseful and very thrilling. the acting was spot on. like the moment when they all figured out that it wasn’t just an ordinary escape room gave me the chills. i’ve watched about five times since then and it blows me away every time. 1000/10 recommend watching! it may not be in theaters anymore obviously, but you could always rent/buy it on itunes or on demand to watch it!
  • Now in my Favorites

    By Bella_boo12321
    I loved it!!! The whole thing was a new twist. It’s one of my favorite movies now.
  • Great

    By aleca estrada
  • Great movie

    By Alanood24
    The movie was amazing, and can't remove my eyes from tv, because i don't want miss any details.
  • Epic!

    By La'Porsha is amazing
    This movie was great! I loved the suspense of it!
  • Good!

    By parkdog2017
    Not sure why it’s rated so low
  • Decent

    By idontknowaname6969
    A lot of people were bothered by the ending I thought it was an ok ending but there were a few plot twist that confused me a bit but overall a good movie
  • Ok, Mostly Cube-Copy Plot

    By MathOsGuru
    Worth watching. Has a bit of Cabin Fever meets Cube flavor. Not really original in terms of storyline. But, still worth the watch for a cheap rental price.
  • Woah!

    By sanandreas24
    This movie was great! It’s like thriller/ action with a couple plot twists. Don’t listen to the bad reviews those people are weird. definitely needs a sequel.also makes me wanna do more puzzles 🤪
  • Kinda pointless

    By mattvmani
    Not a great ending. Like a run of the mill SAW movie with just enough story to connect a very few dots. Acting was ok but unrealistic. Not too happy this was an hour and forty minute session of blaspheming God and our Lord and savior. It’s such a shame. Waste of money.