Ghost In the Shell

Ghost In the Shell

By Mamoru Oshii

  • Genre: Anime
  • Release Date: 1996-03-29
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 22min
  • Director: Mamoru Oshii
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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2029 - A female government cyber agent and the Internal Bureau of Investigations are hot on the trail of a "The Puppet Master" - a computer virus capable of invading cybernetic brains and altering its victim's memory.


  • No proper subtitles provided for the Japanese version

    By bubbub1685
    The subtitles for the Japanese version are for the English dub. It changes what they’re actually saying a bit. Also, there are subtitles when there is no audible dialogue.
  • Excellent movie

    By Madmaxx33
    This writing is for I Tunes once again a movie I purchased isn’t showing up as I bought it. Tsk tsk tsk. And why is system storage taking up 24 gb of my purchased data ? Just give me money back if you’re going to steal from me bruh!
  • Pretentious, weak, and boring

    By Furutan1
    A ten-minute story turned in to 190 minutes. Centrain to be of interest for tween boys who have never seen a naked lady. It comes off like it was created by someone whose IQ is appreciably lower than he thinks it is. It is boring and doesn't really go anywhere.
  • Greatness

    By Patrickills
    Loved as a kid and love this now. Anime will never be this awesome. I recommend
  • Japanese Audio!

    By Bixie071
    Ghost in the Shell was THE anime that got me into anime. That alone should tell you what I think of it. That being said, this review is not about the film itself, but about this specific version (Apple's Digital 25th Anniversery Edition). I had long wanted to add Ghost in the Shell to my digital collection, but I held off on buying this specifically because I read that it only had the English Audio. I would check back every few months to see if anything had changed, not really getting my hopes up, however the last comment showed me my doubts had been in vain! Thank you for listening Apple. Please keep offering anime in the original Japanese Audio like this. Many fans such as myself are only going to buy if you do so. Keep up the good work!
  • Finally

    By Msmochi
    They finally added the Japanese audio track. It also looks like it's the CC subtitles instead of the latest blu-ray 25th Anniversray Edition subs that are rittled with mis-timing and spelling errors. Thank you for the update Apple!
  • Its ok...

    By Orion3903
    Heard alot about this film and thought I would check it out. Maybe it was better back when it came out, but to me it seems a tired trope in this day and age. The animation is quite good, and I did like the story and the philophical concepts. But it wasnt spectacular by any means. Its just... ok.
  • Whoa.

    By Waam
    Ok, I admit, first viewing, I wasn't in the mood. I didn't finish it, but I was interested to watch at another time. When I finally got around to it... (in the mood and all for some good thinking) I really really enjoyed it. Loved it infact.
  • If Blade Runner were an anime...

    By Axle James
    Now, when I say this, please understand that I'm not saying it's a rip-off of Blade Runner, I'm implying that it possesses many traits similar to Blade Runner that made each of these movies the great pieces of cinema that they are. Great movie! Love the surreal soundtrack, hazy 90's style animation, and the deep, challenging story!
  • Please, please

    By 강근조
    Go back to the old poster. I really don't want to see this weird one anymore.