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Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape

Ghosts - are they real or not? From the invention of the earliest photographic devices to the latest home video cameras, believers have pointed to images like these as proof. Could they be haunting spirits, phantoms, the dead reaching out to the living, or are some simply the result of camera tricks by clever hoaxers eager to convince millions hoping for evidence of life after death. In this documentary you will see the most compelling cases ever presented of what many say are ghosts caught on video. You will hear from scientists, computer imaging experts, and the eyewitnesses who shot this chilling footage. Are we seeing spirits from beyond the grave, psychic projections, or something much more explainable? You decide for yourself as we examine the best ghost cases ever caught on tape. Can a ghost really be captured on videotape? Photographers all over the world have tried and some of the ghost-like images they have collected are definitely mysterious. These are among the most fascinating sightings experts are now examining and some of the most talked-about ghost photos that have been amassed for decades by ghost hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts. And they've inspired a populace now armed with camcorders and other high-tech video devices to try to record them on tape. Arguably one of the most compelling ghost video ever shot is the one showing humanoid figure that appears to be closing the fire exit doors at the former castle of King Henry VIII in London, England. Closed-circuit security cameras at Hampton Court Palace caught the eerie apparition in late 2003. Top parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach says that strange environmental conditions, either from nature or from a ghostly presence, have been detected at the Palace which has a tragic history involving horrific deaths, imprisonments, and even beheadings. However, the events surrounding the extraordinary filming and the entity caught on camera were not hallucinations.

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